An ancient recipe, gentle beech-smoked Baltic Sea sprat!

Golden Sprats — a special sprat product made according to an ancient recipe. Its taste and quality characteristics range it among products of the highest quality.

Preparation. Baltic Sea sprats are sorted by size and then washed. Smoking occurs in a very mild mode specifically provided for beech smoking that gives the product a special soft and pleasant taste.
After smoking the fish is processed manually: heads and tails removed, packed in cans in two layers (hand laid double layer), added salt (not more than 2.5%) and a special blend of oils, giving the product a special natural taste.


Mussels are harvested in the northern region of Denmark (Limfjorden) by a method certified according to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards.

After sorting, only mussels of the best quality are transferred to further processing. Special method separates the outer shell, and then the peeled mussels are re-scanned to verify if the shell elements have been removed.